Lawn and landscaping calendar for the Nebraska Area.
Developed by Harb’s Landscaping and Supply, Inc.

-Make repairs to yard equipment since this is usually a less busy time for repair people.
-Stock up on Firewood
-Thinking of new landscape needs
-Take Christmas lights down

-Start cleaning up flowerbeds.
-Remove all debris.
-Prune your shrubs down to size (most bushes that are not evergreen can be pruned to 3 or four inches if desired, and transplant any bushes or perennials to new locations.
-This is also a good time to trim your trees since they have no leaves and are still dormant.
-Put a new layer of mulch down so you will not disturb those early rising bulbs in March. –Buy a pre-emergent so you will have on hand to apply in the near future to catch all those early weeds.

-Start getting all that equipment ready to go. This may be transitioning equipment around or getting it out of storage, hoses, sprinklers, etc.
-Buy your fertilizer for the year since there are many specials going on.
-Put down your pre-emergent products on your flowerbeds so we can catch those early germinating weeds and grasses.
-Clean up debris in yard.
-Clean gutters
-Power rake if thatch layer is thick
-Check irrigation systems

-Mid April apply crabgrass prevention with a good Nitrogen source as well.
-Begin watering. Remember a couple deep waterings per week is way better then a little each day. We want to encourage the root system to be deep and wide.
-Get gardens tilled and garden equipment out.

-Fertilize your yard with a good nitrogen source and an iron source.
-Plant your flowers
-Landscape installations
-Fungicide if needed
-Ash bore treatment if needed
-Season long grub control
-Wash air conditioner (out door unit)
-Control of individual dandelions

-Raise mower height to 3.0 inches- conserves water, reduces stress and weeds.
-Spray weeds if needed
-Landscape installations
-Clean gutters if you have seed trees

-Apply Ferti-lome Green Maker
-Edge your drives and sidewalks
-Spray and clean up rock beds etc.

-Second application of pre-emergent
-Change oil in lawn mower/ sharpen blades

-Prune bushes and shrubs back to desirable shape
-Late apply Weed out with fertilizer
-Clean your chimney
-Buy first load of firewood

-Get the snow blower out and make sure everything works, look for shovels, have a supply of ice melt.
-Start collecting summer items and put them away in storage for the winter.
-Lower mower to 2.0 inches
-Christmas lights
-Put up yard and sidewalk markers for snow removal
-Electric birdbaths for wildlife

-This is a good month to aerate your lawns.
-If your lawn is thin over seed as well.
-Start cleaning up all yard equipment and make a list of what needs to be repaired.
-Tape list to equipment so in late winter you can fix everything before spring.
-Apply winterizer to lawn
-Winterize sprinkler system
-Separate plants and transplant
-Put compost on garden and till
-Cut wood for next year

Buy Firewood if needed
Snow removal



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