About Harb's Landscaping and Supply

Question: Why do people choose Harb's Landscaping and Supply?

Answer: Because we have what it takes

We Offer...

Vision - To revolutionize the way our clients think about contractors.

A Mission - To complete each and every job on time, on budget and provide our clients with the best experience possible.


  • Integrety
  • Honesty
  • Profesionalism


  • Done right the first time
  • Our products are high quality from growers and suppliers we know
  • We are a clean and innovative company - we don't leave a mess or tracks in your yard


  • We strive to always use the most efficient method available keeping our costs low
  • Our driven work ethic eliminates excess labor
  • Quality Equipment- Means less break down time


  • Lisenced plant grower and retailer
  • Commercial pesticde applicator (including fertilizer)
  • UNL trained

Insured - You have the comfort of knowing we will take care of it

Please compare what we have to other contractors and see how we stack up.



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